April 03, 2009

Who is missing?

Graeme Counsel has pointed out a mystery on the covers of the two lp's by Orchestre de la Paillote on the Syliphone label. According to the cover the orchestra has nine members (including Keletigui).

Both covers, however, only show eight persons!

So the question is: who is this man: David Camara or Djigui Touré?

I am hoping there is someone who can identify this man, and in doing so, can provide an answer to the question: who is missing?


Anonymous said...

As it seems that nobody owns documentation to decipher the mystery.
I allow myself to make a commentary on the appearance, quite reliable in west africa.

Whoever, it has known or saluted, to some Camara and some Touré (although the Touré by his varied origin is not so clearly identifiable) it can notice that the gentleman of the photo is obviously a Camara.

Excuse my lack of documentation, but I was needing to share my percepcion.

They say it's a cold world said...

Somebody had to take the photographs...

Jacob said...

WTF is Ngoni talking about?

Graeme said...

I have named the musicians at http://www.radioafrica.com.au/Supplements.html

From left to right -

Kélétigui Traoré - chef d'orchestre, tenor sax, organ, vocals
M'Bemba Dioubaté - bass
Manfila "Dabadou" Kanté - vocals
Labilé Camara (aka David Camara) - congas
Linké Condé - guitar
Kaba Sylla - drums
Kerfala Camara - vocals
Bigné Doumbia - alto sax, tenor sax

(not pictured)
Djigui Touré - trumpet

So it was indeed a Camara, as Ngoni said.